Bauli acquires Motta and Alemagna from Nestlé

Shaun Weston22 Sep 2009

Bauli, an Italian bakery company based in Verona, has acquired Motta and Alemagna from Nestlé.

The acquisition marks the return of these two Italian brands of panettone to Italian ownership after more than a decade of ownership by Nestlé. The acquisition makes Bauli the world's leading producer of panettone, a classic Italian cake.

"The mystique of a dessert that's a tradition in Italy, and our commitment to its authenticity and natural goodness, has an appeal to the American market which is always exploring classic treats from other cultures," said Michele Bauli, spokesperson for the family. "If you want authentic Italian, you want Bauli. Our processes respect the product's original century-old features, with the added value of greater food safety controls."

1 August 2009 marked the effective date of the transfer of ownership to Bauli. In Italy, the Bauli sales force will also assume the sales of Motta and Alemagna, thus assuring the presence of these historic brands in the Italian market.

Source: Bauli