Blue Gold Beverages expands in PET recycling market

Rebecca Prescott8 Dec 2011

Blue Gold Beverage has completed its due diligence on its contract with Loyalist Township in Ontario Canada for the extraction of 15,900 tonnes of clear Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).

Blue Gold Beverage is not alone in the PET recycling business, Coca Cola and United Resource Recovery have the largest bottle-to-bottle recycling plant in South Carolina (US) and Pepsi introduced its 100% recycled PET bottle for its 7UP brand in July of this year.

Blue Gold is also in negotiations with other landfill sites across North America for the rights to recover commercial grade Type 66 Nylon fibre and PET. The potential value of the nylon waste once cleaned, refined, reground, and palletised is estimated at approximately $650 per tonne.

Source: Blue Gold Beverages