Budweiser set to introduce its bow-tie-shaped can

Shaun Weston18 Apr 2013

A new aluminium can from Budweiser is shaped like a bow tie, which mirrors Budweiser's familiar bow tie logo.

The new can will be available in a special 8-pack on store shelves in the US beginning 6 May 2013.

"This can is incomparable – like nothing you've ever seen before," said Pat McGauley , vice president of innovation for Anheuser-Busch. "The world's most iconic beer brand deserves the world's most unique and innovative can. I think we have it here."

The proprietary can, in development since 2010, will be available only in the US and in an 8-pack and will not replace the traditional Budweiser can.

Due to the can's slimmer middle and sleek design, it holds 11.3oz of beer and has about 137 calories, approximately 8.5 fewer calories than a traditional 12oz can of Budweiser.