Caluwé Artisan switches to Barry Callebaut's chocolate

Rebecca Prescott30 Aug 2012

Barry Callebaut has confirmed that Caluwé Artisan, a company customer for three generations, has switched its entire production to Cameroon chocolate from Barry Callebaut's Quality Partner Programme (QPP).

Through this programme, Barry Callebaut assists farmers in Cameroon with education in good agricultural practices thereby helping them improve the quality of the cocoa.

Sofie de Lathouwer, marketing director Food Manufacturers Western Europe of Barry Callebaut, said: "For Caluwé Artisan, quality and a continuation of its traditional way of producing chocolates are of the utmost importance.

"With the superior Cameroon cocoa, produced using our patented fermentation method and knowledge transmitted through our Quality Partner Programme, we have inspired Caluwé Artisan to continue this premium tradition in a sustainable way. Together, we are committed to enabling and encouraging farmers to grow and produce cocoa responsibly."

Source: Barry Callebaut