Coca-Cola names new self-serve fountain 'Freestyle'

Bill Bruce30 Apr 2009

The Coca-Cola Company has named its new proprietary fountain that can dispense more than 100 branded, sparkling and still beverages from a single freestanding unit, calling it the 'Coca-Cola Freestyle'.

The new self-serve fountains, which represent a complete departure from equipment The Coca-Cola Company has offered before, have been in development for nearly four years. The company will begin market testing this summer in select quick-serve restaurants in Orange County, California and Atlanta. A bigger launch is planned for early next year.

The new units being tested are touchscreen operated, enabling consumers to select from more than 100 calorie and no-calorie brands, including varieties of waters, juices, teas and sparkling beverages that have never been sold in the US.

"Coca-Cola Freestyle brings to life the refreshingly positive outlook that has always been associated with Coca-Cola," said Chandra Stephens-Albright, group director of marketing and business development for the brand. "It brings back the magic of the fountain of the past, re-imagines it for the future and then takes it a step further by celebrating the idea that consumers can truly have their say at the fountain, with choices tailored completely for them."

Source: The Coca-Cola Company