Dairy Ireland rebrands and prepares for life after quotas

Bill Bruce18 Apr 2013

With the abolition of quotas fast approaching, Dairy Ireland is refocusing its efforts towards building greater stakeholder involvement in key dairy industry decisions.

The organisation plans to launch a new newsletter, with a view to further farmer and stakeholder discussion on industry opportunities as we enter an era of growth and expansion.

Commenting on the changes, Dairy Ireland chairman and dairy farmer, Kevin Twomey said: “The rebranding, and alignment of our new core values to our strategy brings further clarity and visibility to Dairy Ireland as we aim to achieve our goals of sustainable dairy industry growth, active stakeholder involvement and positive, transparent development of a vibrant family owned, cooperative-based dairy sector."

Dairy Ireland represents Dairy Farmer Discussion Groups in Ireland. Its mission is to promote ‘Irish farmers building value and prosperity in our dairy industry’.

It aims to achieve its goals through farmer education, encouraging active farmer stakeholders, sustainable and innovative industry growth.