DOC 360 in Ball Alumi-Tek 'Slam Can'

Shaun Weston8 Mar 2013

DOC 360 is now available in Ball Corporation's Alumi-Tek bottle.

The 16oz fully recyclable aluminium bottle is paired with Ball's thermochromic ink that changes colour when the contents are cold enough to drink, and has been dubbed the 'Slam Can'.

"Unique packaging such as the Alumi-Tek bottle and thermochromic ink provides the differentiation DOC 360 needs to stand out to our consumers," said Gary Wypiszynki, DOC 360 business development manager. "The chill-activated Slam Can is a premium package that communicates excitement and boldness that is authentic to our consumers."

DOC 360 is a brand of beverage manufacturer Wis-Pak and is available at many US Midwest retailers.