Domino's Pizza Sliders launch in New Zealand

Shaun Weston22 Feb 2013

Originating in Domino's India, Domino's Pizza Sliders feature a pack of four individually sized pizzas, and they're now available in New Zealand.

Available in packs of four, the handheld Pizza Sliders offer "the choice and value customers are looking for," said Domino's general manager NZ Josh Kilimnik.

"We have specifically served up the top four favourite choices on our menu," he added. "These pizzas have been our best performing products for years and they really are synonymous with our brand. When people think of pizza, they tend to think of these four selections."

The flavours are Meatlovers, Supreme, Pepperoni and Hawaiian. Available for customers for $4 dollars before 4pm and $5 after 4pm (pickup).