End of plasticiser crisis for China

Rebecca Prescott1 Aug 2011

Premier Wu Den-yi, has said that local food and beverage suppliers can retail or export products without showing certificate to prove their products does not contains toxic plasticisers such as DEHP.

Den-yi said that the government has not found any food or beverage products contaminated with any type of toxic plasticisers after completing inspections on 1,291 retailed products, with more than two months of intensive efforts to deal with the DEHP-contamination issue, indicating that there isn't any systematic contamination from DEHP or other toxic plasticisers.

To rebuild the image of Taiwanese food and beverage products in international markets, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Mainland Affairs Council, and the Department of Health will work to establish effective measures.

The categories of products are: sports drinks, juices, tea drinks, fruit jams, fruit syrups, jellies and dietary supplements in capsule, tablet or powder form.

The six kinds of plasticisers banned by the Taiwanese government in its new certification program are: DEHP, DINP, DNOP, DIDP, DBP and BBP.

Source: Taiwan News