Finn-Korkki introduces new RipCap ring pull cap for beer

Bill Bruce13 Mar 2009 (Updated 6 Apr 2009)

Finn-Korkki, known for its ring pull beverage closures, has begun manufacturing a new, wide mouth closure that’s suitable for bottled beer.

RipCap wide mouth closures have been established for many years in the wine and spirit sectors. This new RipCap closure is a ring pull closure made from aluminium, with a diameter of 42mm, and is Finn-Korkki’s biggest ring pull closure. It can be used with beverages such as beer and cider, on glass, plastic and metal bottles. It may also prove suitable for premium non-alcoholic drinks.

According to the company, “There’s a demand in the beer and cider sectors for premium packages. Premium shouldn’t mean only a good look and feel to the bottle, but also good usability. Finn-Korkki visualised a solution that uses its easy-to-open RipCap together with a wide mouth bottle. Together, the package gives a sensation as if drinking from a glass.

“Good usability is realised in the easy-open nature of the RipCap closure, and in the way beer smoothly flows from a wide mouth bottle. The bottle mouth profile used with a Ripcap improves the drinking experience by making drinking from the bottle extremely smooth. Wide mouth beer bottles with RipCap closures offer premium drinking experiences due to this high level of usability. This can only be offered by bottles using RipCap wide mouth closures.”

The wide mouth RipCap production line has been operating since early 2008. It was shipped to Finland from Australia after Finn-Korkki’s 2007 purchase of the assets of Melbourne-based RipCap Closures Systems. Combining Finn-Korkki’s expert knowledge of ring pull caps with RipCap production machinery enabled the development of the new wide mouth closure for beer.

Rolf Nygård, managing director, said: “Our wide mouth ring pull cap has been developed to meet the demands of brewers seeking a distinctive packaging for their bottled beer. Brewers realise that in these challenging times, innovation is key to keeping a brand’s lead position.”

Equipment to convert a crown capper to use RipCap closures is manufactured by Finn-Korkki. Installation takes about three days, including production testing and training of line operators.

Finn-Korkki is Europe’s leading manufacturer of ring pull bottle closures. For more than 25 years, the factory has been manufacturing ring pull closures in Finland. Ring pull closures in aluminium and steel are available in a range of sizes. For example, the RingCrown cap is designed to fit the crown cork bottle mouth. In addition, Finn-Korkki make Hämeenlinna crown corks and luxury aluminium closures. Luxury aluminium closures include special design closures made for global Vodka brands, and the LuxTop for Veen’s award-winning water bottle.

Source: Finn-Korkki Oy