Galaxy and Audrey Hepburn join forces for ad campaign

Rebecca Prescott22 Feb 2013

The iconic screen and style icon Audrey Hepburn will be gracing UK TV screens from Sunday 24 February, starring as the face of the new advertising campaign for Galaxy, which is reviving its signature strapline ‘why have cotton when you can have silk?’.

Set in the 1950’s on Italy’s Amalfi coast, the setting is reminiscent of the movies that made Hepburn famous.

The advert sees the young Hepburn sitting on a crowded bus, wondering when she’ll be able to indulge in her Galaxy chocolate bar.

Bep Dhaliwal, Trade Communications Manager for Mars Chocolate UK, said: “Audrey’s playfulness and timeless quality is the perfect fit for the Galaxy brand. She is a true style icon and perfectly evokes the feeling of smooth elegance associated with the indulgent brand.

"The use of Audrey, along with reviving our strapline ‘why have cotton when you can have silk?’ will create an increased focus on the brand and retailers are advised to stock-up now to meet consumer demand.”