Kids' cereal still full of sugar and salt, says Choice

Rebecca Prescott9 Oct 2012

In a review of 195 ready-to-eat cereals Choice found 73% (30) of the 41 cereals marketed to children to be high in sugars.

More than half of the kid’s cereals were low in fibre - most providing less than a gram per serve.

Aldi’s GoldenVale branded Honey Wheats, Choco Rice and Choco Pillows and Kellogg’s Frosties contain more than 40% sugar – the equivalent of three teaspoons per 30g serve.

Choice spokesperson, Ingrid Just, said: “Whilst there have certainly been some nutritional improvements in breakfast cereals since our last review, too many still don’t deserve the healthy image that their marketing messages portray.”

Choice says that despite some cereal manufacturers delivering on a commitment to reduce salt levels in their products as members of the federal government’s Food and Health Dialogue, four of the eight saltiest cereals reviewed (containing at least 600mg sodium per 100g), are ones marketed to children.

Just added: “Kellogg’s has reduced the sodium levels in Cornflakes and Rice Bubbles by 20%, Sanitarium has reduced the sodium of Skippy Corn Flakes by 25% and Aldi’s Goldenvale Breakfast Bubbles has recently had a 30% reduction in its sodium content – yet surprisingly all four remain amongst the saltiest in our review.”

For everyday eating Choice says the best cereals are those that are very high or high in fibre (or moderate fibre for kids) but don’t contain a lot of salt, sugar or saturated fat.

“All up we counted 36 out of the 195 reviewed that may be worth considering given their lower salt, sugar and saturated fat levels with four standing out from the crowd nutritionally; Abundant Earth Puffed Corn, Uncle Tobys Shredded Wheat, Healtheries Pufferbillies and Sanitarium Weet-Bix for kids,” Just said.

Source: Choice Australia