KonaRed superfruit beverage expands US distribution

Rebecca Prescott29 Feb 2012

KonaRed has grown in popularity in Hawaii and is expanding distribution on the US mainland, with heavy emphasis in Southern California (US).

KonaRed is derived from the fruit that surrounds, protects, and nourishes the Kona coffee bean.

KonaRed CEO and co-founder, Shaun Roberts, said: “KonaRed is a product health enthusiasts appreciate from both a functional and a sustainability standpoint. Consumers tell us that KonaRed not only packs a powerful nutritional punch that it also provides them with an all-natural energy boost that fits their active lifestyle.”

KonaRed is currently available at health, grocery, convenience and Costco stores in Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Montana and Idaho.

Source: KonaRed