Leahy Brand Design creates identity for Clarks Clear Honey

Shaun Weston1 Aug 2013

London- and Singapore-based Leahy Brand Design has created the identity, packaging design and advertising for Clarks Clear Honey, which has launched in-store at Asda.

Since launching in 2008, Clarks has become brand leader for its maple syrup products in the UK. The company was looking to extend its brand and capitalise on the growing UK honey market, currently valued at £106.1m, by launching a branded honey with a difference: the UK's first affordable honey (RSP £2.69) that's blended with a combination of British, blossom and Acacia honey (which helps stop crystallisation) so that it's clear and runny, a consistency preferred by 80% of British honey consumers.

Tim Leahy, MD and founding partner of Leahy Brand Design, said: "The iconic splat illustration we used for the Maple Syrup range was extended across to a flower head and British bee. It's a more relaxed and informal approach that supports Clarks' new product range, and we are confident it will appeal to retailers and consumers alike."