Mellow Yellow Garlic Mayonnaise by Farrington Oils

Shaun Weston8 Mar 2013

Farrington Oils has launched a new Mellow Yellow Garlic Mayonnaise, which contains roasted garlic pieces.

"We are extremely excited to launch the latest addition to the Mellow Yellow range, and have had a really positive response from taste tests," said Duncan Farrington. "People love the bursts of garlic in this truly artisan product. We are confident that the newest twist on our classic mayonnaise will not only be the perfect complement to barbecues and summer cuisine, but will also become a popular store cupboard staple for all occasions.”

Mellow Yellow Garlic Mayonnaise is gluten- and additive-free, and is created from a recipe using free range eggs.

UK RRP is £2.60 for 240g.