Nestlé uses live 'tweets' in ad campaign

Claire Phoenix19 Jun 2009

According to Gareth Jones of Revolution Magazine, Nestlé has become the first global brand to launch a campaign that enables Twitter users to post 'tweets' into an ad unit that can appear anywhere on the web.

The brand is testing the ‘Twitter Pulse' format developed by SocialMedia as part of a drive to promote its Juicy Juice children's fruit drink in the US.

The ad unit appears on a range of parenting sites asking questions such as ‘How do you stimulate your child's mind?' and ‘How important are vitamin-enhanced foods to you?'.

Users who are already logged in to Twitter can answer the questions by posting tweets directly into the ad, while those not logged in are directed to Twitter to enter their username and password.

As well as appearing in the Juicy Juice ad unit, users' tweets also show up in their Twitter feeds with a 'hashtag'. All comments are moderated by Nestlé.

Consumers that click on the ad unit are taken through to Juicy Juice's YouTube channel, which contains a series of videos aimed at parents.

Nestlé and SocialMedia are tracking a number of metrics for the Juicey Juice campaign, including views and click-through rates, as well as the number of users exposed to the hashtag via Twitter.

Pepsi is including a Twitter tag on Pepsi Raw cans, asking consumers to log on to Twitter to share their thoughts about the drink in 140 characters or less.