Nuseed and Archer Daniels to deliver premium sorghum products

Shaun Weston26 Jul 2013

Nuseed Americas and Archer Daniels Midland Company are collaborating to deliver premium sorghum flour products to food companies and specialty providers seeking to meet the needs of health-conscious and gluten intolerant consumers.

ADM will utilise Nuseed's recently established Wholis branded sorghum supply chain, which includes premium genetics, specifically located and qualified growers, and consistently contracted specifications, to ensure a consistent, quality sorghum grain bred for food use.

Sorghum, an ancient grain originating in Africa and India, is commonly used in a variety of foods worldwide. In North America, sorghum acres are on the rise due to its environmental flexibility and drought hardiness. However, the grain is often overlooked in food applications despite its qualities as a nutrient-rich, whole grain, gluten-free flour.

"ADM is committed to helping our customers meet the growing demand for whole grain, gluten-free foods," said Brian Forster, general manager of Wheat Starch and Protein for ADM Milling, a subsidiary of ADM based in Overland Park, Kan. "Sorghum provides a strong nutrient profile and is gluten free. In addition, Nuseed sorghum is highly versatile due to its unique light colour and neutral flavour."