Nutra Resveratrol anti-ageing water set for October launch

Shaun Weston5 Sep 2009

Anti-Ageing Products Inc has announced that The Veridian Group LLC of Minneapolis, Minnesota – the strategic marketing consultant for the company – is receiving multiple offers to fund and distribute 'The World's First Patented Reveratrol Beverage', Nutra Resveratrol anti-ageing water.

The science behind Nutra Resveratrol anti-ageing water is based on granted and pending patents. Nutra Resveratrol's anti-ageing formulations with DMAE can contain more than 1,000 times the resveratrol levels normally found in red wine.

At the same time, these formulations are believed to be more bio available than resveratrol pills that are currently flooding the market place. Scientists at Anti-Ageing Products Inc have cautioned that simply adding resveratrol to a beverage may not only infringe on Nutra Resveratrol's intellectual property, but the compound will not be as effectively absorbed in the body without the Nutra Resveratrol formulation. In addition, the DMAE in these beverages has been shown to tighten and firm the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

"We are extremely excited for the opportunity to support Anti-Ageing Products Inc and its Nutra Resveratrol anti-ageing water," said Richard Fogel, managing partner of Veridian Group. "We believe that Anti-Ageing Products Inc is at the forefront of a tremendous nutraceutical development in the beverage industry. Those in the know are predicting that Nutra Resveratrol anti-ageing water just may be 'the next big thing'."

Source: Anti-Ageing Products