Oggu soft drink celebrates organic climate neutrality

Shaun Weston2 Nov 2011

Organic Beverages BV, producer of the 100% organic soft drink Oggu, claims it is the world's first climate neutral soft drink producer that produces a 100% organic climate neutral soft drink.

The company is set to celebrate its personal milestone on World Sustainability Day (11 November).

Leonard Freeke, CEO and founder of Oggu, was responsible for making Oggu a climate-neutral product. "This is a historic milestone for us, but also for the soft drink industry at large," he said. "By calculating and offsetting the total environmental impact, we provide the necessary insight into the real cost of our food. Organic farming not only provides a 50% CO2 reduction against conventional farming, climate neutrality is a necessary condition for sustainable operations in the food industry. Oggu demonstrates that climate neutrality and socially aware entrepreneurship are part of the same mission."

Climate Neutral Group has assisted Organic Beverages on its path to climate neutrality. It calculated the carbon footprint, advised on reduction measures and helped offset the remaining CO2 emissions.

"We're very pleased with the steps Organic Beverages has taken," said René Toet, MD of Climate Neutral Group. "They set an example to others. Now is the time to deliver climate-neutral, organic products and so making sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship the standard."

Source: Organic Beverages BV