PepsiCo sponsors 'Women as Agents of Social Change' at CSR Summit

Shaun Weston23 May 2013

PepsiCo recently brought together notable female leaders for a roundtable discussion called 'Women as Agents of Social Change: Inspirational Stories of Women in Social Responsibility' at the 10th annual CSR Summit in Dubai.

By capturing stories of struggle and success and fostering dialogue about how women can drive sustainable social change in the Middle East, PepsiCo illustrated the humanity behind CSR initiatives.

"People are at the core of any CSR initiative, and PepsiCo recognises that women play a critical role in driving social change and development," said PepsiCo's Asia, Middle East and Africa CEO, Saad Abdul-Latif. "Our commitment to fostering positive social change is a top sustainability priority and is embedded in our culture. We hope that through our unique approach to the CSR Summit, we inspire others to join us in creating a better future for the Middle East region."