Pizza Hut Delivery uses Blippar augmented reality in Forza 5 tie-in

Shaun Weston17 Dec 2013 (Updated 8 Jan 2014)

The Blippar technology platform has teamed up with Pizza Hut Delivery to bring consumers an extra slice of content when enjoying their takeout.

Tying into the launch of Forza 5 Motorsport game, available on Xbox One, a 'blippable' image of a Forza 5 car is featured on the lid of the pizza box.

Using Blippar (a free app that can be downloaded on smartphones and tablet devices), customers can 'blipp' the image by pointing the camera on their device to the pizza box to bring it to life and access extra content.

Viviane Paxinos, head of business development at Blippar, said: "The space on delivery boxes is often underused in terms of marketing and communication potential, so it's been great to work with Pizza Hut on making their delivery boxes interactive and bringing them to life. You can watch the Forza 5 trailers and win amazing prizes while eating your favourite slice."

The blippable Forza 5 design will be featured on over 500,000 boxes in 300 Pizza Hut Delivery outlets in the UK until 12 January 2014.