Powerful Yogurt designed for men

Bill Bruce5 Mar 2013 (Updated 6 Mar 2013)

US-based Powerful Men has launched Powerful Yogurt, the first Greek yogurt in the US designed for men.

Powerful Yogurt is a super-protein Greek yogurt that aims to 'serve the health and performance needs of busy men with active lifestyles'.

With 20-25g of protein per ‘man-sized’ 8oz serving, Powerful Yogurt is formulated to help men build muscle, burn fat, improve digestive health and increase fertility. In addition, the product line is gluten-free and kosher.

“We worked hard to create a product that would encourage men to stay healthy and energised in a world where eating well can be hard to do,” said Carlos Ramirez, founder and CEO.

All six Powerful Yogurt flavours are fat-free and are packed in the company’s signature black and red packaging.

Powerful Yogurt is available at grocery stores across New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.