Rehrig Pacific Company introduces the PubKeg Black

Rebecca Prescott17 Aug 2011

Rehrig Pacific Company, a manufacturer of containers for the food and beverage industry, has introduced the PubKeg Black exchange programme.

Introduced by Rehrig Pacific in 2009, the plastic PubKeg is a brewer-branded, sixth barrel alternative to metal kegs.

PubKegs give brewers a way to enter new markets or introduce seasonal flavours without using existing cooperage or scarce metal kegs during peak periods.

Rehrig is now offering PubKeg Black, a reusable packaging option for higher volume PubKeg customers. The exchange programme will provide a pooled solution for one-way PubKegs.

Rehrig is collaborating with their subsidiary, Rehrig Penn Logistics to employ their existing reclamation and refurbishment service capabilities to launch the exchange programme.

Source: Rehrig Pacific Company