Sara Lee Corp unveils name for coffee and tea business

Rebecca Prescott15 Mar 2012

As Sara Lee Corporation becomes two publicly held, pure-play companies, the company has revealed that its International Coffee and Tea company will be named DE Master Blenders 1753.

DE Master Blenders 1753 is operating across Europe, Brazil, Australia and Thailand under brands such as Douwe Egberts, Senseo, L'OR EspressO, Marcilla, Pilão, Moccona, Pickwick and Hornimans.

Michiel Herkemij, executive vice president and chief executive officer, Sara Lee International Beverage, said: "With a brand that is beloved worldwide and has been for centuries, this new name and brand identity is the logical next step in our strategy. DE Master Blenders 1753 expresses what we have become as an organization, as well as what we aspire to be - the best blenders in the world - transcending the boundaries of traditional companies and bringing innovations that enhance and improve the way the world enjoys coffee and tea."

"When determining the new name, we thought of things like strong heritage, leadership, dynamic brands, bold growth, operational excellence and a great place to work," said Herkemij. "D.E Master Blenders 1753 captures all of those elements."

DE Master Blenders 1753 was selected after an intensive six-month research and analysis process involving thousands of candidate names. A short-list group of about 50 names, all of which met the positioning and personality criteria for the firm, was evaluated globally for trademark and URL availability, possible cultural sensitivities and local market pronunciation.

The initiative was led by Jan Bennink, executive chairman, Sara Lee Corporation, and supported by the international branding and identity firm IDEO, including law firms in several countries who conducted the more than 3,000 trademark searches required under the project's tight deadline.

Source: Sara Lee Corp