Tango turns 2.5 million cans upside down

Claire Phoenix11 May 2009

Bikini-clad models go upside down for Tango in London recently
Bikini-clad models go upside down for Tango in London recently

Britvic has turned the labelling on cans of Tango upside down following a dare by social networking site Bragster.com, to drive sales of the carbonated drink.

Britvic has risen to a challenge from the social networking site Bragster.com by printing 330ml cans of Tango upside down.

Bragster dared Britvic to print the cans upside down after staff visited the Bragster office and soaked employees in Tango.

The reverse design is currently being rolled out, and Britvic hopes the novel packaging will improve customer awareness of the product. Senior brand manager for Tango, Sally Symes, said the brand "likes to do the unexpected".

"The new upside down cans will only be available for a limited period," she added, "but will significantly increase visibility in display units and consumer interest in the two and a half million cans available."

The can was launched recently with a stunt involving girls in orange bikinis doing handstands outside St Paul's in London, and on the Tube. The promotion follows the 'Save Tango' campaign last November, which delivered an 8% increase in the can's sales in the 12 weeks to 24 January.