The Raw Fruity cold-pressed juice from Nosh Detox

Shaun Weston15 Feb 2013

Nosh Detox has expanded its on-the-go drinks range into raw juices with The Raw Fruity.

The new drink is made using cold-press technology rather than the high-temperature flash-pasteurising used to make most juices.

The three available flavours are:

  • Raspberry, Apple & Pear
  • Passion Fruit, Melon & Mango
  • Carrot, Apple & Orange.

"What we discovered was that supermarket shelves tended to be crowded with juices that were sadly heat-treated, and heating denatures the vitamins," said Nosh founder Geeta Sidhu Robb. "The Raw Fruity is a unique range made with premium ingredients that stay fully intact in their pure unadulterated, nutritious, raw and delicious state. It’s the nearest thing to a freshly squeezed juice on-the-go and better still, they taste great."

The Raw Fruity is available to order online, and from Ocado and other independent retailers in the UK. A 250ml bottle has an RSP of £2.29, while a 125ml bottle is RSP £1.49.