Kellogg's to use 'real women' In Special K ads‎

Rebecca Prescott15 Jun 2012

Special K, the cereal made by Kellogg, is using plus sized 'real women' in its advertising for the first time to encourage a more positive attitude to bigger body sizes.

The Special K girl in a red swimsuit is noticeably absent in the cereal brand’s latest TV advert and has been replaced by a group of real women with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of up to 29.

A spokesperson from Special K said: “We want to encourage a responsible attitude when it comes to body image and to show that losing weight isn’t just about the way you look or a certain size you need to conform to, but more importantly about the way it makes you feel.

“The Special K girl will still be used in other advertising as she is a long standing icon of our brand but we still insist she has a BMI of at least 21, as we only want to use healthy body images.”

Katie McNeil, a mum of two, from Camberley Surrey (UK) has a BMI of 29 and was picked off the street to feature in the advert.

Source: Kellogg

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