The success behind the Core Power brand

Shaun Weston14 May 2013

Hannah Oakman talks to Anders Porter, director of communications at Fair Oaks Farms Brands, owner of the Core Power range of high-protein drinks.

How do you account for the growth of the Core Power brand?

Anders Porter: It's pretty simple. Core Power meets the demands of the of the active lifestyle consumer. It's a great-tasting, high protein drink that has a very simple ingredient list. All three of those factors are key when it comes to consumer satisfaction.

For years, fitness enthusiasts have had to suffer through chalky tasting protein shakes to get the proteins, vitamins and minerals that their bodies need after a workout. We've given them a post-workout recovery drink that's actually refreshing. It's real, fresh, lactose-free milk, never powdered at any point in the process, so it goes down smoothly and doesn't feel heavy in the stomach after consumption.

The buzz around the product started in the endurance athlete communities that we first targeted in Texas and Colorado. Thanks to social media, people started talking about it online and that created buzz and generated demand, so we moved quickly to secure more retail availability.

The product was becoming more popular with endurance athletes at the same time that protein was becoming a thing of interest for fitness enthusiasts and everyday consumers.

How does Core Power add functionality to the drink via natural proteins and help with an active lifestyle?

Porter: The demand for protein is out there. So, how do you meet it? The shortcut is to add milk powders and protein powders to water or juice and call it a day. Not with Core Power. We want to give people the nutrition – the protein, the vitamins, the minerals – that they deserve, but we're not going to take shortcuts to get there.

We are a group of 87 family owned American dairy farms, and our goal is to provide effective functionality that starts with the highest quality, best-tasting milk in the world.

Milk is a superfood and a perfect complement to an active lifestyle, so we set out to highlight the natural whey and casein proteins that are found in milk to produce a nutritional profile that went above and beyond what active lifestyle consumers are looking for.

We use a patented filtration system to filter out the lactose and the water so that we end up with a concentrated product that has high functionality while keeping a short ingredient list.

People are looking at labels these days and reading their ingredient lists, as they should be. We want them to look at ours, too. In fact, we want them to look at ours right next to the competition and see for themselves. If it's too long, and the ingredients are unknown or impossible to pronounce, why bother putting it into your body?

Do you plan to add any further functional ingredients to the brand in the future?

Porter: We are always looking to do more with our milk. To expand beyond the high protein recovery drink category, we will continue to innovate and find new ways to deliver great-tasting, effective nutritional products like Core Power.

We are working on product combinations that will benefit our consumers' desires for high quality nutrition without sacrificing refreshment and taste. Stay tuned!

Hannah Oakman is deputy managing editor magazines at FoodBev Media.