The top 10 world's most expensive liquors

Shaun Weston10 Dec 2012

Vintage liquors are all the rage with the rich and famous, according to Bart Laming, head of Old Liquors, the Netherlands. If you can't see the gallery above, click here to see it on Flickr.

“Make no mistakes folks, vintage liquors aren’t the ‘ordinary’ drinks that you use to spice up your eggnog,” he said. “Only the most fortunate will have the chance to let their taste buds be tickled by these aged and delicately blended and precious elixirs."

Laming has put together a 'Top 10' of the world’s most expensive liquors:

  1. Cognac Brugerolle, vintage 1795 – £138,000. This 6-litre cognac bottle was a favourite of French revolutionary officers and travelled with the army of Napoléon Bonaparte.
  2. Wine Chateau d’Yquem, vintage 1787 – £119,000. In 2011, a vintage 1811 bottle from this château fetched £75,000 at auction. It’s no surprise that this bottle from 1787 comes with a heftier price tag, attempting to break the record of its predecessor.
  3. Cognac Courvoisier & Curlier, vintage 1789 – £95,000. Distilled in the same year as the Storming of the Bastille, this hand-blown bottle is the oldest vintage from Courvoisier. It's so rare that even the château doesn't own a bottle, as it was recently discovered as the oldest vintage from the famous French cognac brand in the cellars of Dutch collector Bay van der Bunt.
  4. Cognac Croizet, vintage 1842 – £62,500. This is potentially the most expensive 70cl bottle of cognac in the world. An 1858 bottle was sold at an auction in October 2011 for $156,740. The cognac has aged for over 140 years, which is exceptionally rare for a cognac.
  5. Cognac Rémy Martin Louis XIII Age Inconnu, vintage 1938 – £42,500. More than 1,200 brandies were blended to form this cognac. This special edition was presented during the royal banquet of Queen Elizabeth and King George VI in 1938.
  6. Cognac Courvoisier Erté Collection 1 to 8 – £29,000. The bottles of the Erté Collection were designed by Russian deco-artist Erté and contain an extraordinary blend of precious Grande Champagne cognacs from the well-known château Courvoisier. Only 12.000 bottles were made of numbers 1 to 7. Courvoisier finally released a limited edition to commemorate the death of Erté in 1990, number 8, of which only 4.000 bottles were made.
  7. Cognac AE DOR Soleil d'Austerlitz, vintage 1805 – £17,900. Only three bottles were ever sold of this cognac. The content was collected in 1980 from a single 3.5 litres demijohn during a visit in the Paradis 'Soleil d'Austerlitz' of AE DOR.
  8. Cognac Hennessy Silver Jubilee – £12,000. This was bottled to commemorate the Queen of England’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. Only 60 bottles were ever made and the cognac consists of a blend of at least a hundred-year-old cognacs.
  9. Whisky Linkwood-Glenlivet, vintage 1898 – £11,800. This one-of-a kind bottle contains one of the oldest whiskies available.
  10. Cognac from vintage 1811 – starting from £4,900. If there is one thing wine and spirits critics agree on, it’s that there is no greater quality vintage than 1811, pronounced as the Comet Vintage. During this year, the Great Comet was visible in the sky for 260 days. Many wine and cognac producers say the Comet was responsible for the superb quality of their products.