Truvia leads £3.5m growth in UK sweetener market

Shaun Weston12 Apr 2013

The Truvia business says that the UK sweetener market has grown by £3.5m in 2012, which is a 7% growth rate in a previously flat market.

This growth is primarily due to the introduction of stevia-based sweeteners, which, since their introduction to the UK market in January 2012, have been responsible for 80% of this £3.5m growth.

Truvia sweetener is the leading stevia-based sweetener of the stevia market, representing £1.7m in its first year (source: Nielsen Scantrack).

“Bringing Truvia sweetener to the UK market marked a major step forward for consumers, opening up an entirely new category of sweetness: calorie-free and sweetness from a leaf,” said Mark Brooks, business director, Truvia Consumer Products. "We’ve been delighted by the response we’ve had from UK consumers in the past 12 months. It reflects the growing demand among consumers for products that taste great without unnecessary calories.”

Cargill's Truvia calorie-free sweetener is distributed in the UK by Silver Spoon. It first launched in 2008 in the US, where it is now the number two sugar substitute and has grown the category by over 20%.