Twix Mix sharing pouch from Mars

Shaun Weston18 Jun 2013

Twix Mix is following in the footsteps of the popular Mars Mix, which was launched in April. Each 140g sharing pouch will contain caramel pieces and Twix biscuit bites covered in milk chocolate.

Bitesize confectionery has seen growth of 40% over the last four years and is now worth £550m. Mars currently holds four of the top five selling sharing pouch products.

"Whilst heritage remains at the heart of the brand, at Mars Chocolate we also believe that innovation is crucial to driving forward the confectionery market," said Nicola Lacey, central sales director, Mars Chocolate UK. "The launch of Twix Mix represents the perfect celebration of a much-loved product, reinvigorated for the bitesize customer.

"As we continue to see consumers swapping their Big Night Out for a Big Night In, we have witnessed the incredible impact this has had on the confectionery market and in particular, on bitesize products. Twix Mix offers retailers another great opportunity to tap into this trend with a brand that consumers already know and trust."