Uvé 5 weight loss drinks from LifeStyle Brands

Bill Bruce7 Mar 2013

US-based LifeStyle Brands International has launched Uvé 5 (pronounced ‘oo-vay’), a five-calorie sparkling beverage containing the patented African Mango seed extract, IGOB131.

IGOB131 is a clinically proven weight loss ingredient that helps reduce body fat three times faster than diet and exercise alone.

Uvé 5’s orange mango and raspberry lemon lime flavours now accompany the previously released 50-calorie Uvé, also a naturally flavoured, sparkling drink, available in black cherry lemonade, apple pomegranate and 'SuperFruit' flavours.

“Weight loss is just one of the benefits you might expect when integrating either Uvé or Uvé 5 into your wellness programme," said international president Chad Parks. "As a beverage for those dedicated to health and fitness, these products have mass appeal for both men and women."