Velcorin DT Touch dosing unit by Lanxess

Shaun Weston20 Mar 2013 (Updated 6 Mar 2014)

Specialty chemicals company Lanxess has developed Velcorin DT Touch, a new generation of dosing units for the beverage industry.

The new range is being marketed worldwide for the filling of Velcorin as a cold sterilisation agent in non-alcoholic beverages and wine.

Velcorin DT dosing units ensure exact dosing and distribution of Velcorin in the beverage. The dosing units can be easily integrated into new or existing beverage production lines and only require a small initial outlay.

"With our Velcorin technology, we not only offer an effective solution for the cold sterilisation of beverages but, in combination with our new Velcorin DT Touch dosing equipment, a truly all-round service, including maintenance of the devices,” said Ingo Broda, head of the beverage technology business line in Lanxess' Material Protection Products (MPP) business unit.