Wallaby adds no-fat yogurt to organic line-up

Bill Bruce7 Mar 2013

Californian Australian-style organic yogurt maker Wallaby Yogurt Company has added organic Greek non-fat yogurt.

The 5.3oz flavoured varieties feature a two-compartment cup, enabling consumers to control the amount of flavour they get with each spoonful of thick, creamy yogurt.

Flavour pairings include lemon, mixed berries, peach, and raspberry. Traditional plain yogurt is also offered in 6oz, 16oz and 32oz sizes.

“When we launched our first line of Greek yogurts last year, we had no idea how popular it was going to be,” said Kathy Housman, national sales manager for Wallaby. “Even though there were already a lot of competitors in the category, there weren’t any offering a Greek yogurt that was organic and had the unique creaminess that Wallaby is known for. This became even more apparent after we launched, and our sales went through the roof in the first quarter.”