White and red wine drinkers can now go green

Bill Bruce1 Jun 2009

© Chiyacat | Dreamstime.com

Whether wine drinkers prefer red or white, they'll have the opportunity to 'go green' with the new Eco Series bottles, sold by Caliber WinePak and manufactured by Saint-Gobain Containers.

The new line of six bottles includes two full push-up bottles, two mid push-up bottles and a pair of flat-bottom bottles.

The bottles are financially friendly, because their improved design has made them lighter and less costly to ship, both as empty containers and, more importantly, with filled product. Saint-Gobain has joined with American Glass Research and major bottlers to test the Eco Series bottles on the fastest, most challenging bottling lines.

A prime environmental advantage arises from their manufacturing process. The Eco Series bottles require less energy to produce, Saint-Gobain’s wine sector uses 100% of the recycled glass it collects, and the company is working to achieve more than 66% cullet for the Eco Series bottles.

Caliber WinePak is a division of TricorBraun, one of the world’s leading suppliers of packaging.

Source: TricorBraun