WineStar medal-winning wines in Ball aluminium cans

Shaun Weston25 Mar 2014

Fabulous Brands, the company behind WineStar, is the first to offer French medal winning wines with an AOC-label in aluminium cans.

A red, a rosé and a white wine are available in 200ml special premium wine cans produced by Ball Packaging Europe.

"We want to become the 'Nespresso' of wine and make the quality wine market more democratic," said Fabulous Brands founder Cédric Segal. "Why open a bottle when you can choose from a selection of delicious, award-winning wines one can at a time? We want to change the way consumers enjoy high quality French wine, in a small, elegant and trendy packaging.

"We worked with Ball Packaging Europe to develop premium wine cans for AOC wines to help us realise this ambition. Already prestigious customers such as the Carrefour retail chain or the Hyatt hotels adopted the WineStar products in their range."

At the moment, WineStar cans are primarily available in France at retail stores, wine stores and online.