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15 May 2013 (Updated 3 Jun 2014)

Claire Phoenix on new innovations at Vitafoods 2013

There have been two big announcements at Vitafoods Europe 2013. First, the launch of Newtrition the new name for BASF and underlining its consumer-centric focus.

The stand had blackboard walls with 'Welcome to our kitchen' as the slogan, where we create Newtrition for better lives in food, beverages and dietary supplements. I tasted a granular ice green tea beverage here with a totally new mouthfeel that was a refreshing step up from the sweetness of bubble teas.

I also appreciated the work behind the launch of Osteum by Ingredia Nutritional, which combines a combination of micellular calcium that is easily absorbed by the body, natural vitamin D2 and vitamin K2, which activates a protein to bind calcium to the mineral matrix.

In the morning, a seminar on Mena Q7 by Dr Hogne Vik of Nattopharma saw the launch of natural vitamin K2 crystals and the results of the latest studies showing how it can delay the onset of osteoporosis by 20 years or more, and improve artery health at the same time. Definitely of interest to me and the rest of the baby boomer population.

And on the fun side? Well, vitamin sprays that have survived the US's Shark Tank (their Dragons' Den) and were drawing a crowd, and Zuccini's Functional Food Project range of 26 Superdrinks in stick format.

Holger Riemensperger, GM of the global business unit for health of Frutarom, best known as a flavour house, said he loves the content of our innovation magazines and website. Frutarom has already developed a green oat extract, Neuravena, to improve cognitive performance and an iron-rich drink for pregnant women that has no unpleasant taste thanks to the micro-encapsulation techniques used in production.

Holger said: "The market sectors that are most attractive right now are children and the elderly. We also see growing interest in vitamin K2.

The tasting area of Vitafoods is always fun, but I must admit that I've tried enough protein chocolate bars and slimming drinks for one day. They're not exactly the best combination!

Tomorrow morning, I'm interviewing Geoff Collins of Clasado on the difference between prebiotics and probiotics. The company has been working closely with Reading University on its Bimuno products, and 10 years down the line they have some results really worth celebrating. More on this success story tomorrow.

Last but not least, the World's Best Ashwaghanda used in the new drink Rebel Tea by the ex-Zico Beverages team said to aid in stress relief and sexual health.

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