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9 Jun 2011 (Updated 17 Jul 2011)

Coke's six key trends

Coca-Cola's 10-year vision of doubling sales by 2020 is based on six global trends reshaping society.

  • A growing middle class – between 800m and a billion people – will enter the middle class from 2010 to 2020 ... 60% coming from emerging nations.
  • Mass urbanisation – an urban population the size of New York will be created every 90 to 100 days.
  • Economic rebalancing – the world defined not by one or two economic superpowers but by a massive rebalancing of economic might towards countries such as Indonesia, Mexico and Turkey.
  • The new generation – the rise of the most sophisticated and engaged youth generation, empowered by incredible new communications.
  • Rising prices – because of a constant scarcity of resources, leading to volatility in prices.
  • New consumer – with a new focus on the meaning of the world value.

Hard targets for soft drinks.

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