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15 Mar 2013

Dairy, dairy, don't let me down

I had the pleasure, at the end of last year, to be a member of the judging panel for the Awards.

There were lots and lots of new products to choose from, in several different categories, so it was really tough choosing winners in some of those classes because there were some great entries. But I have one really big complaint: where was dairy?

There had been some great product innovations in all dairy categories over the months leading up to the closing date, so I really hoped to see more representation.

In the 'Best New Food Brand' category, Arla Foods Denmark entered Arla Baby&Me Organic, the first organic baby milk in Finland and the first Danish organic baby milk in Denmark.

A packaging redesign for cheese maker Wyke Farm was in the 'Best Redesigned Food Brand' category, while in the 'Best Creative Agency' class, Aesop listed its packaging for a new range of cheese from cheese maker and ex-Blur bassist Alex James among its highlights. But there should have been so much more.

I have just been invited to join the judging panel for the 2013 Dairy Innovation Awards, so at least there will be plenty of dairy entries for this – nothing but dairy. But will there be enough?

If you are a small company, enter. Don’t take the view that because you are small, your new product or marketing campaign or environmental initiative isn’t good enough or that no one will be interested.

If you are a large company, enter. Don’t be too grand. What you do can often provide ideas and inspiration to others, especially to small and startup companies.

So help celebrate excellence in dairy worldwide by entering the Dairy Innovation Awards 2013. Details and application forms are available on the FoodBev Awards website.