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8 Mar 2013

The billboard that makes drinking water from air

Lima, the capital city of Peru, is a coastal 'megacity', but located in a desert climate, so access to safe drinking water is a major concern for many of its 8.4 million citizens.

Advertising agency Mayo DraftCFB partnered with Peru’s University of Engineering and Technology on an innovative way to bring fresh water to residents on the outskirts of the city who don’t have good access to fresh, clean water. They created a billboard that harvests water from the air.


Despite getting less than one inch of rain all year, Lima has a high atmospheric humidity. The billboard takes advantage of that with its five generators that capture air, filter the air and carbon, and condense it into drinking water that's stored at the bottom of the billboard.

Each day, the system is able to generate 96 litres of water. Perhaps not a cost-effective solution, but definitely an innovative one.