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28 Jun 2011 (Updated 17 Jul 2011)

The Ultimate Pint glass

I read some astounding figures on UK alcohol-related crime in the Financial Times of 9 June:

  • over £8bn a year total cost
  • £2.7bn a year cost to National Health Service
  • 973,000 incidents of alcohol-related violence a year
  • 87,000 involving glasses 5,500 'glassings', when an offender smashes a pint glass into a victim's face.

Fortunately, the number of glassings could be greatly reduced by the new Ultimate Pint glass created by Design Bridge. The current standard glass smashes from the top down, whereas the new one is much tougher and designed to fragment from the bottom up.

But that still leaves 967,500 unnecessary incidents yet to be addressed.

Richard Hall is chairman of Zenith International. You can also read his blog at BevBlog.