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28 Feb 2012

Update on the Amazeballs story

The power of social media can influence opinion, interaction and, in my case, misunderstanding.

This has been highlighted recently as I was fooled by the story of Kellogg's and the creation of the Totes Amazeballs cereal for Charlatans singer Tim Burgess.

Social media platforms went wild with excitement at the prospect of a Totes Amazeballs cereal, and I was one of the readers slightly concerned about the health implications. However, it seems Kellogg's developed a one-of-a-kind cereal just for Burgess.

Jessica Noon from Kellogg's clarified a few facts: "The cereal was actually a one-off for Tim Burgess only! It all came about after Tim tweeted a few weeks ago about wanting to create his own cereal called Totesamazeballs. We saw the tweet and decided to get in touch and make it for him.

"His favourite dessert is Rocky Road, so we used this as our inspiration. Totes Amazeballs therefore contains Coco Pops Rocks, marshmallows, raisins and shortbread pieces.

"We have been inundated with requests from Tim’s fans to make the cereal, but it will remain a one-off! However, Tim is going to serve it to music fans at the Kendall Calling Festival later this year with all proceeds going to the David Lynch Foundation. The story went wild on social media, so some people were a bit confused!"

Me too.

Other fans of Kellogg's are now tweeting their own request for a personal creation. It has been reported that 'Joey Pops' - a special box of Coco Pops designed especially for The Only Way Is Essex star Joey Essex, with the slogan 'totally chocolatey, totally reem', after he revealed his love of Coco Pops on Twitter.

I still don't think Burgess' choice of cereal is a particularly wise one, for his own health or others. I imagine the music fans of Kendall Calling Festival will be dancing until the very early hours when pumped full of that much sugar!