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18 Apr 2013

When will the fitness industry show some consistency?

Do you ever read something that’s obvious when you see it, but you’ve never seen it put so clearly before?

The March 2013 editorial of Health Club Management effectively says that people will never take enough exercise until the fitness industry shows some consistency.

It gives these strikingly different recent media headlines:

  • ‘Four workouts a week may be better than six’ – New York Times.
  • '10-minute workout’ – Huffington Post.
  • 'Get in shape with just two minutes of exercise a day' – Express.
  • 'Long periods of gentle exercise are more beneficial than a high-intensity workout' – Daily Mail.

As the editor says, “The fitness sector has, as yet, failed to cement a clear idea in people’s minds of how much and how often they should be exercising, and what sort of activity they should do.”

She does have a point.