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There's mileage in the traditional popcorn market yet, says Innova

While popped snacks are gaining considerable attention as one of the up-and-coming sectors of the bagged snacks market, there still appears to be some mileage in the traditional popcorn market in the US and Europe, says Innova Market Insights.


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Nature Valley Protein Oatmeal

One of over 50 new products announced for the new year by General Mills, Nature Valley Protein Oatmeal is packaged in microwavable cups and provides 10 grams of protein in each serving.

Scrubbys healthy crisps

Scrubbys, an award-winning British vegetable crisp brand, has launched two new ‘healthy’ crisp variants; a four vegetable mix of Beetroot, Sweet Potato, Parsnip & Carrot with Sea Salt and Parsnip Cris