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18.00 – World Dairy Innovation Awards 2018

17.57 – Just a reminder

Here’s the programme for tonight’s ceremony at the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2018.

  • 7 PM: Drinks reception for all guests
  • 8 PM: Industry gala dinner
  • 9:30 PM: World Dairy Innovation Awards will commence
  • 10:30 PM: The awards will draw to a (probably-quite-merry) close

17.57 – Please do feel free to get in touch with us during the ceremony itself, particularly if you’re a winner or finalist. We love hearing from brands (we rarely get any human interaction) and we may use a selection of your comments on tomorrow!

17.53 – The time is nigh

It’s almost time for me to leave you, with little more than an hour until the World Dairy Innovation Awards kick off. Thanks for joining me, if indeed you have, and we hope you’ll stay to see who wins what in tonight’s awards. Good evening.

17.49 – The finalists

If you missed it, there’s still time to meet the finalists in all of the categories ahead of tonight’s show, which will kick off in just over an hour’s time with a drinks reception. Find out who’s nominated in each category by clicking here.

17.41 – The judging panel

Meet the judging panel who have had the unenviable task of separating tonight’s winners from their other (just-as-worthy) finalists. They include the director of food, environment and health for the European Dairy Association; the president of the Association of Polish Dairy Processors; the executive director of the Society of Dairy Technology; and the editor of one of the dairy industry’s leading specialist publications.

Read all about the judges here…

17.24 – Cana-da-bis

A lot of people are talking about Canada’s decision last night to legalise cannabis for recreational use, which could have a profound impact on the food, beverage and dairy industries. The passing of Bill C-45 means that provinces and territories have an expected 2-3 months to decide how to distribute and sell the drug, before consumers will be allowed to possess a small amount for personal use.

Read more…

17.15 – Here’s what happens next

We have a short break here in Poland, but here’s what we have to look forward to tonight.

  • 7 PM (CEST): Drinks reception
  • 8 PM: Industry gala dinner
  • 9:30 PM: World Dairy Innovation Awards 2018

17.13 – Tomorrow’s speakers include Mary Morrissey, senior manager for food and beverage at Bord Bia; Kristian Østerling Eriknauer, vice-president – CSR for Arla Foods; and Debroah Carr, founder and managing director of Nourish Kefir.

17.12 – Awards ceremony draws near

The conference session for today draws to a close at the Global Dairy Congress in Warsaw. Delegates now have just two hours until the gala dinner kicks off, during which the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2018 will be staged.

17.03 – The organisers tweet

We’re getting closer to knowing the winners of the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2018.

16.58 – More highlights

Also today at the Global Dairy Congress, delegates took part in a live Q&A session and Jing Wei, vice-president of Heilongĵiang Feihe Dairy Co Ltd, China, spoke about building a shared future for the global dairy industry.

16.42 – Dairy news

16.36 – Want more like this?

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16.29 – Highlights from the Global Dairy Congress

At the Global Dairy Congress, Tetra Pak’s Charles Brand spoke earlier on end-to-end value in the dairy chain. Afterwards, he caught up with FoodBev’s Martin White – you can see that interview in the coming days on


15.51 – Get involved

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15.36 – Can it be ‘chocolate’ without sugar?

An interesting talking point from’s coverage today. Fresh from the European ruling that non-dairy products can’t be called ‘milk’ or ‘yogurt’, and France’s decision to ban meat-related words to describe meat analogues, the founders of snack brand Kaakao are rallying for a change in legislation that prevents their product being described as chocolate.

Kaakao contains cocoa, cocoa butter, coconut milk and is sweetened with dates – but that’s not enough to meet the European Union’s definition of ‘chocolate’, which by definition must contain cocoa and added sugar. In a world where consumers are constantly shunning sugar, brand owner Nordchocolate says this definition is archaic and problematic. “How are consumers supposed to understand what we make?” asks founder Stephanie Seege.

So, can chocolate be chocolate if it doesn’t have sugar?

Read more here…

15.24 – Oh yes we will…

15.15 – DSM to ‘step up’ environmental targets

DSM will step up its ambitions on greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency and use of renewable energy – as well as implementing new targets for sustainable financial management – as part of its strategy for the next three years.

Read more…


15.08 – In other news, it’s currently Portugal 1-0 Morocco #CoveringAllBases

15.03 – Find out who made the cut

You can find out which companies qualified as a finalist here. In this year’s World Dairy Innovation Awards, there are 18 categories and entrants came from all over the world. In each category, one of these finalists will take away the trophy in this evening’s ceremony in Warsaw.


14.31 – Don’t miss: Yoplait YQ

We’ll bring you dairy-related innovations while we’re online, and we’ll start with Yoplait YQ. The General Mills brand will release a range of yogurts made with ultra-filtered milk with a less sweet taste than similar products. There are eight different flavours, including coconut and peach.

14.11 – Coming up…

14.01 – This afternoon on FoodBev Live

It’s the day of the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2018 from Warsaw, Poland. Here’s what to expect if you choose to stick with us:

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  • Build-up to the awards ceremony this evening
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13.59 (CEST) – Good afternoon

Ahh, this is exciting! We’re gearing up for the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2018, which will take place this evening as part of a special gala dinner at the Global Dairy Congress in Warsaw, Poland. The winners will be revealed here and on Twitter.

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