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Joyride unveils low-sugar sour strips
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

16 February 2024

Joyride unveils low-sugar sour strips

Better-for-you confectionery brand Joyride has teamed up with Youtuber and entrepreneur Ryan Trahan to launch what it claims to be the "market's first" low-sugar sour strips. Available in four flavours – green apple, strawberry, pink lemonade and blue raspberry – the sour strips are made with 4g of sugar, gut-friendly fibre and no synthetic dyes. Joyride's chief creative officer, Ryan Trahan, said: “My goals aligned perfectly with Joyride: make great candy without junk ingredients. I never thought I’d be able to say I eat candy every day and feel good about it, but after over a year of development with the innovative team at Joyride, here I am.”

The sour strips is available in a limited quantity on the brand's website. In June, the sweets will roll out at Target stores.

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