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Pasta Evangelists opens its first UK factory
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

12 October 2023

Pasta Evangelists opens its first UK factory

Barilla Group-owned Pasta Evangelists has announced the launch of its first ever UK factory, claimed to be the nation’s largest ever pasta factory. The new site has received an investment of over £13 million, aiming to serve the brand’s expansion across the UK and support growing consumer demand for restaurant-quality fresh pasta dishes at home. Opening this month (October 2023), the 47,000-square-foot factory will be located in North Acton in London. According to the brand, it will produce a variety of pasta shapes, many of which have never been made in the UK before, at the site. Alongside more traditional fresh pasta varieties, the factory will produce more unique varieties including ‘porcupine ravioli’ (crestoni), corzetti, anolini and saccottini among others.

Italian manufacturer Italgi will supply machinery to the factory, which will employ between 60-70 people. The facility will enable the production of over 50 tonnes of fresh pasta every week, in addition to 90 tonnes of sauces and 15 tonnes of oven pasta. Alessandro Savelli, CEO of Pasta Evangelists, said: “The launch comes after years of planning and innovation, as we aim to expand our pasta offering to thousands of consumers across the UK”. He added: “Utilising the latest technology and machinery will help us on our mission to experiment with new flavours, high-quality seasonal ingredients and a variety of pasta shapes to expand our growing pasta portfolio”.

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