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Pasta Nostra boosts instant snack market with healthy Italian pasta pots
Siân Yates

Siân Yates

3 June 2024

Pasta Nostra boosts instant snack market with healthy Italian pasta pots

Pasta Nostra has unveiled a new line of six instant pasta snack pots. Made from Italian fusilli pasta and natural ingredients, these new pots are set to offer retailers an opportunity for incremental profit growth. Pasta Nostra’s authentic fusilli pasta, crafted from durum wheat grown and harvested in Italy, is manufactured near Bologna in the Emilia-Romagna region. The pasta is pressed through a bronze mold and then air-dried slowly to achieve a texture that effectively absorbs the sauces in each of the six recipes. The new range boasts clean label nutrition, free from artificial preservatives, colourings and palm oil, and meets non-HFSS (high fat, salt and sugar) standards. The launch features flavours such as Bolognese, Carbonara, Tomato & Mozzarella, Cheese & Pepper, Mushroom and the vegan-friendly Arrabbiata. Each 70g pot, when rehydrated, yields a 250g serving with calorie counts ranging from 233 to 263 kcal per pot. Ross Beattie, managing director of Beattie Brands, the producer of Pasta Nostra, said: “Modern Asian-inspired brands have begun to attract a younger, more affluent consumer base, but there are no authentic Italian pasta pots”. He added: “Pasta Nostra is poised to disrupt the market with authentic Italian cuisine in a convenient format, aiming to have a similar impact as Fever Tree did for tonic water or Charlie Bigham has for ready meals”.

Marketing director Chris Lewis noted the gap in the UK market for healthy, authentic Italian pasta pots: “Our research showed many consumers dismiss the category because they don’t like the existing options. However, they were won over by Pasta Nostra's taste and quality.”

He added: “We developed Pasta Nostra with natural ingredients and a focus on nutritional provenance, providing a clean label snack that aligns with consumer demand for convenience and improved nutrition”. The suggested retail price is £1.75.

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