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Three technology solutions to improve vending and micro market operations
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

3 May 2023

Three technology solutions to improve vending and micro market operations

We are currently operating in a fast-paced world in which consumers demand new solutions that integrate with the latest devices for at-your-fingers' convenience. However, with a growing portfolio of locations, vendors are in search for the same quality of convenience and support that the retail industry has awarded consumers. As such, the industry has transitioned from facilitating convenient retail transactions for consumers and grown into selling convenience to vendors. In today’s ever-changing vending landscape, operators need to be able to spend less, sell more and gain control of operations. Additionally, they need to rinse and repeat that streamlined process for multiple locations, all while keeping pace with the latest payment acceptance methods. This leaves vendors scrambling to find a technology provider that truly offers an all-in-one, holistic solution—especially if they also manage micro market or dining businesses. 365 Retail Markets works to remain a premier partner in the vending business by providing a suite of solutions that empower vendors to not only facilitate quick, convenient transactions for consumers but also to minimise inefficiencies in day-to-day operations. Vendors looking to streamline their process and improve consumer experiences should consider the following 365 Retail Markets solutions: ConnectedCampus: This first-of-its-kind, fully integrated consumer experience ecosystem seamlessly connects a location’s 365-based micro market, office coffee service (OCS) and vending technology. Leveraging a Global Market Account (GMA), consumers can create and fund accounts, view purchase history, scan and pay for products, and connect to any location’s 365 devices, all with the flexibility between direct kiosk interaction or the mobile app – 365Pay – for an easy, contactless approach. This level of consumer convenience extends to the operator by eliminating account support tasks operators may otherwise have to execute. Vending Management Software (VMS): 365 Retail Markets offers a multitude of VMS features with inter-connected systems allowing vendors to manage their business end-to-end by:

  1. Receiving real-time alerts regarding jams or device failures

  2. Cutting inventory costs by ordering precise amounts with pre-kitting

  3. Tracking products from warehouse to restock with warehouse management capabilities

  4. Eliminating unnecessary stops with dynamic routing capabilities

  5. Reducing theft, remotely monitoring cash meters and tracking money bagsMenu management and food compliance software: 365 Retail Markets’ most recent menu management solution empowers vendors and food service operators to manage menus, including nutritional data and allergy compliance. Additional functionality includes:

  6. Automatically calculate nutrition, allergens and costs of your recipes

  7. Organise recipes, create menus and menu cycles

  8. See at-a-glance how to make recipes healthier or reduce costs

  9. Minimise food waste and report on popular dishes

  10. Reporting and dashboards for cost per dish, cost per day or cost per menu

  11. Easily report on allergens via digital data sheets

  12. Direct link with your suppliers to ensure correct data As technology advances, so too, does vendor and operator work styles. Vendors are not stagnant for eight-hour workdays. They are remote, mobile workers who move between countless locations, devices and concerns rendering many of their patterns unpredictable. Therefore, much like consumers, vendors also require frictionless transactions, mobile-accessible market management functions and data that will help them make the best business decisions for each of their individual and unique needs. 365 Retail Markets offers a variety of solutions that can easily be tailored to each vendor’s specific business needs – empowering them to manage their business succinctly from an office or through mobile devices while on the go. Convenience for your company and your consumer is just one call away. Contact a 365 Retail Markets account manager to learn more today.

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