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Alland & Robert introduces Beyond Acacia

Beyond Acacia is a unique range of gum acacia in high-density granules with a low carbon footprint. This innovative range combines environmental exemplarity with the technological excellence of high-density granules whose dispersion capabilities are exceptional. Beyond Acacia is highly soluble, easier to use and saves energy, with all functional properties of gum acacia preserved. Major investments to meet demand for gum acacia Leader in gum acacia and natural gums, French company Alland & Robert has increased its production capacity by 50% while continuing its commitments to reduce greenhouse gases. With the opening of a fourth production line in its factory in Normandy, France, Alland & Robert has doubled the production area and is launching Beyond Acacia, an innovative range of gum acacia. With the opening of this new production line at the end of 2023, Alland & Robert has been able to respond to the sharp increase in global demand. The company now processes nearly 30,000 tons of acacia gum each year. On a local scale, the impact in terms of jobs has been real since around thirty positions have been created on the new production line, and more are coming. The creation of this new production line confirms the desire of Charles Alland, having succeeded his father as the head of the company last March, to continue the growth and diversification of Alland & Robert's activities, by parallel investments aimed at achieving the company's carbon emissions reduction objectives. Indeed, acacia gum offers significant development potential in many industries, where the choice of natural and plant-based products constitutes an underlying trend. The growing market for acacia gum, a natural, plant-based and healthy ingredient, perfectly matches current consumer expectations. This strong investment reflects the success of Alland & Robert, which continues its development in numerous international markets and exports natural gums to more than 70 countries today.

A new production line that contributes to the pursuit of Alland & Robert’s environmental commitments Created in 1884, Alland & Robert remains a 100% French family business, based in Normandy, France. His success? It owes this to its unfailing commitment to sustainable, respectful and ethical development. Alland & Robert aims to offer natural, plant-based and low-carbon solutions for a healthier and more sustainable diet. These massive production investments are part of Alland & Robert’s social responsibility plan and sustainable development objectives. In accordance with the 2015 Paris Agreement, the family business has committed to reducing all its greenhouse gas emissions per kilo of natural gum manufactured by 20% (scopes 1, 2 and 3) by 2025. Improving the energy performance of the acacia gum manufacturing process constitutes a major lever. With this new production line, the company is taking a further step towards achieving its objectives, and further reducing its direct and indirect emissions. This new range also reinforces Alland & Robert's commitments to the environment and the ethics of its sector and is part of a global strategy to have a positive impact on its stakeholders. Other initiatives by Alland & Robert include the creation of a reforestation initiative in the Sahel, the obtention of the Fair for Life certification and a membership to the Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) as well as Ecovadis, who awarded Alland & Robert a silver medal for its sustainability ratings.

Beyond Acacia: high-density granules of gum acacia The new Beyond Acacia range is the result of more than two years of research and development within Alland & Robert to meet market expectations. The Beyond Acacia range provides gum acacia in high-density granules and constitutes an innovative granulometry. All the functional properties of acacia gum are preserved: once dissolved, the quality is identical to the regular and instant ranges. The range of characteristics represents major advantages for manufacturers in the many sectors that integrate acacia gum into their products: cosmetics, confectionery, soft drinks, pharmaceutical products, etc. Thanks to an innovative transformation process, Beyond Acacia is a highly soluble and easier-to-use gum. Its new granularity ensures excellent hydration properties, superior to those of a standard gum, which maximise the efficiency of the dispersion process. Its solubilisation is optimised, even when cold. Foam production during the process is reduced, as are dust quantities, which also improves fluidity and reduces the production of lumps.

Beyond Acacia, a range committed to reducing its carbon footprint The transformation process used to manufacture the high-density granules of gum acacia is a low-carbon process. The better solubilisation and higher dispersion capacity of the Beyond Acacia range will also make it possible to reduce energy consumption in the industrial process of the user of this range, thanks to production requiring less time and energy. In addition, it dissolves completely without having to be heated, even with high concentration levels. Improvement in the energy performance of the manufacturing process, reduction of emissions, reduction of emissions upstream and downstream of its value chain, all elements verified by an independent consulting firm specializing in carbon footprint calculation, and which make Beyond Acacia the only range with a global and real approach to reducing emissions across all scopes 1, 2 and 3. Alland & Robert can today guarantee that, compared to standard gum acacia, Beyond Acacia allows to decrease by 51.1% the direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions (scopes 1 + 2) and by 13.5% the upstream and downstream emissions of the chain of value (scope 3). The gum acacia carbon footprint is reduced to a minimum. Find out more here.


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